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☆  D2C Subscription Model with Steady Growth:

Monthly recurring revenue from the subscription model means a simple business model posed for success. Our solution is set it and forget it.

☆  The World's First Whole Bean Healthy Coffee:

Our patent-pending infusion process solves the taste-functionality compromise and unlocks superior nutritional efficacy in the category. Our unique food technology and manufacturing process create a moat around our brand & open the possibility of IP licensing. And our competitors are turning their heads, but our patents keep a moat around our brand.

☆  Location & Supply Chain:

Headquartered in epicenter of the nation’s leading Natural Products ecosystem in Boulder, CO. Producing in Colorado’s largest organic coffee roasting facility and ready to scale up. Sustainable supply chain linking to key organic farms.

☆  Strong Intellectual Property Strategy:

Strong, marketable, registered trademarks on “Peak State” & “Coffee with Benefits”, & “Cold Brew with Benefits”. Patent on infusion process.

☆  Strong Team:

Our advisors and mentors are key players in the industry ranging across the country. Peak State is also supported by trade organizations such as Naturally Boulder, TIG Brands. Colorado Food Works, & Food Business Sucess.

our story             

Our Founding Story
Danny Walsh, founder of Peak State, is an outdoor athlete and coffee lover who struggled with gut health issues that were made worse by stress, so set out to heal himself through nature and lifestlye. During this time, he learned to forage wild chaga mushroom and brew it for immunity. Drinking Chaga, Danny couldn’t stop thinking about how good consuming adaptogens made him feel - soothed, relaxed, calm. He set out to share these untapped benefits from nature with all via his favorite drink - coffee. Unlike a vitamin or powder, he never forgets his morning coffee. Dissatisfied with what was out there for "mushroom coffees", he was tired of compromising on taste or quality. With his friend Carl, they developed Peak State's whole bean coffee infusion process to solve the mushroom coffee taste problem - and for an easy way to have nature's benefits every morning. Soon after, Peak State was born to share our "Coffee with Benefits" with all. Today, Peak State's is the world's first whole bean coffee with adaptogenic mushrooms for daily wellness. Peak State is highest quality coffee, low acid on the gut, and health-infused for your brain, immunity, & stress. Keeping origins in mind, Peak State sources the most sustainable coffee possible and donates 1% of all sales back to environmental conservation. "IT ISN’T ENOUGH TO HAVE JUST A FEW RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT PRESERVING WILD PLACES. WE NEED A LOT OF THEM.” - IRA SPRING

The Problem
People are demanding healthier options for their morning routine that help them feel great, which has led to a rise in "mushroom coffees" and functional drinks, but the category is filled with stale, chalky powders that are not palatable, lack efficacy, and are not coffee.
People are tired of choking down pills and supplement powders - and it is easy to forget a vitamin. But you never forget your morning coffee.
99% of the coffee industry is plowing down the rainforest, exploiting slave labor, and growing crops in the sun with harmful pesticides that result in a nutrient-poor cup of coffee - not good for you or the planet.

The Solution
Peak State is Coffee with Benefits - high-quality coffee with powerful health benefits from nature for your brain, immunity, and stress, all from adaptogenic mushrooms.
It's easy to forget a vitamin or supplement, but if you’re a coffee drinker, you never forget your morning coffee!
We’ve introduced the WORLD’s FIRST whole bean mushroom coffee - thanks to our patent pending infusion process - so that you don’t have to compromise on taste for health, or the planet.

The Market
Adaptogen Trend

Mushroom coffees & organic coffees are both selling faster than conventional coffee, which is still the #1 drink in the US and growing at 5% CAGR.
Coffee Demand is Growing

US TAM for at-home coffee is $20B, $5B of that is online. Mushrooms are forecasted to be a $7B industry by 2026!
Competitor Analysis

Competitor products are limited to powder-based mixtures, none taste great, many lack efficacy, & none are planet-forward.

THE COMPANY             

Peak State LLC
6560 Odell Place Unit C
Boulder, CO 80306

Danny Walsh
CEO & Founder
Danny Walsh is the Co-Founder & CEO of Peak State, where they have introduced Coffee with Benefits - highest quality, sustainably grown coffee with 500mg adaptogens per cup for daily wellness. Peak State is the first whole bean adaptogen coffee. Passionate about healthy living and outdoor activities, Danny was inspired to launch into natural food to build a healthier and more sustainable future. A former product manager in the outdoor industry, he holds a Bachelor of Science and an M.B.A. in Sustainable Business & Entrepreneurship both from Northeastern University. Outside of work, you can find him drinking coffee, rock climbing, skiing, or trail running in Colorado with his dog Tuckerman.


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May 31, 2024
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How has Peak State Coffee performed in the market so far?

Our performance has been exceptional, with consistent growth and positive customer feedback. We've successfully tapped into growing market trends, positioning Peak State Coffee as a brand with considerable potential for sustained success.

How does Peak State Coffee address sustainability?

We are committed to sustainable practices, from ethical sourcing to eco-friendly packaging options. Our dedication to environmental responsibility not only aligns with current consumer preferences but also positions us as a brand contributing to positive change.

What type of mushrooms?

Peak State infuses non-psychadelic functional mushrooms such as lion's mane, cordyceps, chaga, reishi, and turkey tail for their health benefits. This includes brain health, immunity support, and stress-balance while drinking your morning coffee, with no taste compromise. It's easy to forget a vitamin or supplement, but you never forget your morning coffee. Peak State's infusion process can expand beyond functional mushrooms to serve the emerging market needs.

How do you infuse the coffee beans?

Peak State has a revolutionary patent pending process for infusing coffee during the roasting process with botanical extracts. This IP can be leveraged for any functional blend or mushroom blend and can be licensed as an additional revenue stream.

What is the long-term vision for Peak State Coffee?

Our long-term vision is to establish Peak State Coffee as a global lifestyle brand, synonymous with quality, wellness, and peak performance. We aim to expand our product offerings, reach new markets, and foster a community of brand enthusiasts who share our values. Beyond our products, through Peak State rituals and Peak State experiences.

How will Peak State Coffee use investor funds?

Investor funds will be strategically allocated to areas such as growth marketing initiatives, IP, team, and new product development. This ensures that Peak State Coffee continues to grow, innovate, and reach new heights in the market. The expected return on investment will be arrived at through our focus only high ROAS D2C performance marketing, unlocking new products filling unmet market needs in the marketplace, and protecting valuable IP to create a moat around our brand.

What innovations can investors expect from Peak State Coffee?

Innovation is at the core of our business. Investors can anticipate ongoing product development, exploring new blends, and staying ahead of market trends. Peak State Coffee is dedicated to offering unique and appealing products that resonate with evolving consumer preferences.

How can investors stay informed about Peak State Coffee's progress?

Investors will receive regular updates through newsletters, quarterly reports, and invitations to exclusive events. We believe in transparency and open communication, ensuring that our investors are well-informed about the company's achievements and future plans.

What is the target market for Peak State Coffee?

Our target market includes health-conscious individuals, coffee enthusiasts seeking premium quality, and those who resonate with our brand's message of peak performance. With a diverse appeal, we aim to capture a broad audience while staying true to our core values.

What makes Peak State Coffee different from other coffee businesses?

Peak State Coffee stands out through its commitment to quality, health, and sustainability. We source premium beans, focus on health and wellness blends, and prioritize sustainable practices, creating a unique and compelling proposition in the competitive coffee market.

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