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Colorado’s First Crowdfunding Investment & Equity Platform


Bringing together crowds of neighbors and local companies to help grow our communities.

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Please note that during our Beta phase we are only allowing a limited amount of companies to participate.

Colorado's First Equity Crowdfunding Platform

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What do We Do?

CrowdSprout uses Colorado’s Crowd Funding Act to Connect Smaller Local Colorado Investors with Smaller Local Colorado Companies.

Areas of Focus

Our Areas of Focus are the: Local Foods, Wellness and Cottage Foods Industries; as well as, Small Family Farmers and Food Trucks.

Are You a Potential Investor?

Are you a Colorado Resident interested in potentially investing from $250 to $5,000 in small Colorado companies in our Areas of Focus?

Company Looking for Investment?

Are you a small Colorado Company in our Areas of Focus that is interested in potentially securing between $25,000 to $2 Million of equity investment from Colorado Residents?


Potential Investors in Colorado

Grow Your Future
With CrowdSprout™

Whether you're a local Colorado company looking to raise funds to grow your business to the next level, or a Colorado resident excited about investing in their future and owning a valuable piece of your community, here’s your opportunity to utilize the power of the crowd to help sprout your future.

Thanks to the Colorado Crowdfunding Act, Colorado residents can now invest in dozens, or hundreds, of smaller private local Colorado companies who are building a track record of great products, innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, and promising prospects for growth.

CrowdSprout™ was formed to create the means for smaller local food related and wellness companies to find a consistent and affordable source of equity investment funding from their local community – you, the Crowd Investor.

Historically, because of federal regulations, Colorado residents, like you, have been prevented from being able to make early stage equity investments in local private companies.

It is estimated that each and every year there are over $100 Million of local investment capital sitting unused in our communities, while hundreds of local companies languish from the lack of access to this same affordable funding for their growth. Now, Colorado State Law empowers Colorado residents to directly join an investment “Crowd”, to take charge of their own financial destiny and to collectively invest their own money to fund the growth of local companies in their own communities and across the entire State.

Now, there is a means to energize the creative power of our local entrepreneurs and small family farmers to unleash their ability to grow and prosper, while simultaneously enhancing the financial health of their communities and building personal wealth for you and your family.

Another bit of icing on this “investment cake” is the direct and positive impact of growing more of our food locally. This means less transportation costs, which means less transportation impact and thus less transportation exhaust – all better for our local environment.

Now that’s a true WIN WIN WIN.

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At CrowdSprout, we believe everyone should have equal, convenient and affordable access to healthy local foods and we believe how a community eats, directly impacts the health of that community. We also believe that strong local economies lead to stronger communities. Our Small Family Farmers and their Local Food Partners feed our families and are worthy of our support and consideration for investment.

When we invest in their future, we can enhance our own. This just tends to confirm that we are all connected and we are all enhanced through better food and better health. Not just our immediate neighborhood, but our entire state.

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Four Basic Components

The Process is Simple

1. Crowd

We grow a crowd of potential investors interested in supporting small local businesses.

2. Company

We offer local, small businesses a platform to consistently raise equity investment funds from this crowd.

3. Investment

We serve as an intermediary to facilitate the introduction and potential investment from our crowd to the small local company.

4. Equity

The companies provide their crowd investors equity in exchange for their investment.

CrowdSprout™ provides

The first, legal, accessible online platform in Colorado helping to grow:

  • CROWDS of people looking to invest in local, small businesses

  • COMPANIES seeking small investment raises for their next level of growth

  • COMMUNITIES through the financial relationships between the crowd and the company; and

  • In the LOCAL FOOD & WELLNESS market space.

Sustainable Local Economies

CrowdSprout™ is Changing the Way
New Ideas Come to Life

Interested in Raising Money?

Crowd Investors:

There are important local businesses who need your help to grow right now. Grow your own future, and your community, with them.

What You Need To Know

Listed Companies:

Your community is ready to help you grow now! Get started with reading our site and completing our Terms of Use and Post your Offering Document and we'll start the introductions to our crowd of investors.

What You Need To Know
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