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Who We Are

CrowdSprout is Colorado's first and only online investment platform for everyday, non-accredited, individual investors to invest in small, local Colorado businesses in the local food and wellness space in exchange for equity. Historically, these kinds of investment opportunities were made available only to accredited investors—basically, those with a net worth exceeding $1 Million. Thanks to the Colorado Crowdfunding Act, now any Colorado resident can invest up to $5,000 per Colorado company per year in exchange for equity in that Colorado company.

For the Crowd Investor, not only are you investing in ways that can potentially grow your own net worth (all investing assumes some risk!), but you're also investing in local companies that grow and strengthen your own communities and local economies.

For the local Colorado entrepreneur, if you own or operate a small business , this could be a real solution to help your company grow! Now you can consistently pursue smaller capital raises quickly and easily from within your community for those inventory, extra equipment or other growth pushes you need for your next level of growth. We can help your company raise as little as $25,000 or up to $2 Million per year using our Crowd Funding Platform.

Let’s all grow together. With the strength of community investment made available through our platform, this growth is now available at your fingertips.

No Longer Just a T-Shirt

Crowdfunding is longer just about getting a t-shirt. Now, it's a powerful way to directly impact your local world & build personal wealth. With Colorado’s Crowdfunding Law, Colorado residents can invest up to $5,000 per year per company and Colorado small local foods and wellness companies can raise up to $2,000,000 per year. Yep, no longer just about getting a T-Shirt.

What We Believe

- How a Community Eats, is Directly Connected to the Health of that Community

- Local Food is a Natural Connector between Urban and Rural Colorado

- Financially Healthy Small Family Farmers are Good for All of Colorado – today the Farmer only keeps bout 8 cents out of every “Food Dollar”

- We need to invest in the entire local food value supply chain to include processing, packaging, wholesale distribution and transportation which accounts for nearly 30 cents of every “Food Dollar”, which would all stay LOCAL

- Invest in and encourage Colorado Farmers to grow more food for “People” and less for “Livestock”

- Ranchers should also have more options to sell their livestock locally and keep more of the profits

- You should be able to Invest in What You Believe In™ - and Still Build Future Wealth

- Investing in your community is Good Business and Good for the Soul

- There is a real need for more resilient and durable food supply chains throughout Colorado

- More local food growing, processing, packaging and logistics could be a viable pathway to more resilient and durable food supply chains

- Shipping foods locally reduces truck miles which reduces truck exhaust which improves our local environment

- We need to work together to encourage and invest in farmers as they work to reduce their use of water in agriculture

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CrowdSprout provides

The first, legal, accessible online platform in Colorado helping to grow:

  • CROWDS of people looking to invest in local, small businesses

  • COMPANIES seeking small investment raises from local residents

  • COMMUNITIES through the financial relationships between the crowd and the company