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What are the Steps for the Potential

Listed Company

1st Step - Reading Key Sections of Web Site:

After reading the sections below:

For the Potential Company Listing with CrowdSprout™,
CrowdSprout’s Role as a Fundraising Tool,,
As an Investment: Food is a Great Target; and
For the Potential CrowdSprout Investor

and you’re interested in potentially investing and would like to see the companies listed as investment candidates, go to the “I’m Ready to List on CrowdSprout™” button.

2nd Step - The CrowdSprout Listing Company Process:

It has three aspects.

  • Provide the information necessary to prove you are a Colorado Registered Company;
  • Provide the most basic of personal information on the Principals of the Listed Company; and
  • Sign our Listed Company Terms of Use Agreement. The purpose of this Agreement is very simple. It simply states that:
    • You have read the four key sections of the CrowdSprout™ web site,
    • You are a Colorado Registered Company
    • That you fully understand that CrowdSprout™ is only a “connector or Intermediary”
    • That CrowdSprout™ does not in any way provide any representations to its Crowd Investor as to the investment worthiness of your Investment Offering Document;
    • That the Listed Company agrees to use the “Basic Formats” of the Business Plan and the larger Investment Offering Document;
    • That CrowdSprout™ does not in any way provide any guarantees as the amounts of funds that may be raised for your Listed Company nor the time frame in which your Minimum Investment amount might be reached;
    • Your Business Plan will state your “Minimum Investment” and “Maximum Investment” for this contemplated transaction.
    • CrowdSprout™ is serving as the “Holding Site” for accumulated smaller individual investments prior to reaching the “Minimum Investment” threshold.

In addition to serving as the “Connector” or the “Intermediary” introducing you to our Crowd Investors, the CrowdSprout™ also serves as the “Holding Site” as CrowdSprout™ accumulates the dozens of smaller investments from dozens of individual Crowd Investors until the “Minimum Investment” for each transaction / capital raise is reached.

For this example, let’s assume that $20,000 is the Minimum Amount and that $30,000 is the Maximum Amount established by your Business Plan within your larger Investment Offering Document.

This could take a few days or a few weeks. During that time, CrowdSprout™ uses US Bank as the “Holding Site” to hold these funds in trust for both the Crowd Investor and the Listed Company. US Bank is a very secure place to hold your funds before they are released to the Listed Company. US Bank is the 5th largest bank in the US with revenue over $23 Billion in 2021, has assets of over $573 Billion and a market value of over $62 Billon.

This “Holding Site” will be an account in CrowdSprout’s name and used only to hold Crowd Investor funds before they are released to the Listed Company.

For the protection of the Crowd Investor, CrowdSprout™ will not give the Listed Company any of the Crowd Investors’ money until CrowdSprout™ has accumulated the “Minimum Amount” – in this example, $20,000. Then the Minimum Amount of $20,000 will be released from CrowdSprout™ to the Listed Company and CrowdSprout™ will then announce this release of funds to all the Crowd Investors and the State of Colorado Division of Securities

Additionally, once the Maximum Amount of $30,000 is reached, CrowdSprout™ will no longer accept any further investments in that company for this particular investment raise.

Crowdsprout provides

The first, legal, accessible online platform in Colorado helping to grow:

  • CROWDS of people looking to invest in local, small businesses

  • COMPANIES seeking small investment raises from local residents

  • COMMUNITIES through the financial relationships between the crowd and the company