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☆  Real Food:

Nutrient-Rich Goodness: Our protein bars are crafted with real, wholesome ingredients, providing a rich source of essential nutrients your body craves for optimal performance.

Clean and Transparent Labeling: Transparency is our priority. We believe in honest labeling, ensuring you know exactly what you're putting into your body.

Enhanced Flavor Profile: Real food means real flavor. Experience a taste sensation like no other, as we harness the natural and authentic flavors of our ingredients, creating a protein bar that's not only nutritious but also delicious. Our commitment to real food extends across our variety of flavors catering to a broad audience, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Fuel Your Active Lifestyle: Whether you're an athlete, fitness enthusiast, lover of mountain adventures, or someone with a busy schedule, our protein bars provide the sustained energy you need to tackle your day, naturally. Plus, they're kid friendly!

Health-Conscious Consumer Base: The demand for real, nutritious food options is on the rise. Investing in our protein bar company positions you at the forefront of catering to the ever-growing market of health-conscious consumers and opens up avenues for market expansion and increased brand visibility.

Investing in our protein bar company isn't just about financial returns; it's about being a part of a movement towards healthier, more sustainable eating habits. Join us in making a positive impact on individuals' lives and the food industry as a whole.

☆  Woman + LGBTQAI+ Owned Business:

Social Impact: Supporting businesses led by women and LGBTQ+ individuals contributes to social equality and empowerment. Your investment becomes a catalyst for positive change, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities within the business world.

Inclusive Workforce: These businesses are more likely to have inclusive hiring practices, fostering a diverse and welcoming work environment. A diverse workforce can enhance creativity, productivity, and overall business performance.

Brand Loyalty: Consumers increasingly seek out women + LGBTQIA+ owned businesses with diverse ownership and values that align with social responsibility. Investing in these businesses can build brand loyalty among consumers who appreciate and support businesses with a commitment to diversity.

Representation Matters: Having diverse representation in business ownership is crucial for creating role models and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Your investment contributes to breaking down barriers and encouraging greater diversity in business leadership.

Entrepreneurial Drive: Many women and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs exhibit exceptional entrepreneurial drive, determination, and passion. Investing in their businesses means supporting individuals who have overcome unique challenges and are dedicated to making a positive impact.

Investing in businesses led by women and LGBTQ+ individuals is not only a financial decision but a commitment to fostering inclusivity, representation, and positive social change. It's an opportunity to be part of a movement that values diversity as a key driver of success and innovation.

☆  Profitability:

In a pivotal moment for our company, we are thrilled to announce that after a deliberate reduction in our burn rate throughout 2023, we have achieved profitability. This milestone not only reflects our commitment to embracing more sustainable business practices but also positions us for continued success. As we embark on the journey of 2024, we remain focused on making impactful changes to further enhance our operations, drive innovation, and ensure long-term growth. This success is a testament to the resilience of our team and the strategic decisions that are propelling us toward a prosperous future.

☆  VaniLife:

Embarking on an exciting journey, Laura, our spirited founder, is making the bold move to transition into full-time van life. As a passionate advocate for Greens Gone Wild, Laura is taking our brand on the road, crisscrossing the Rocky Mountain Region to build brand awareness, boost sales, and establish a more profound connection with our diverse customer base. By immersing herself in the van life, Laura not only saves on rent but also eliminates the unnecessary overhead accumulated during her sales trips and the need for an office space. Her knack for engaging demos and events will be amplified as she brings our nutritious offerings directly to the people. This strategic shift promises increased profitability for Greens Gone Wild, aligning with our vision for a flourishing end to 2024. Laura's nomadic journey is more than a lifestyle change; it's a dynamic strategy to drive our company's success while fostering a deeper connection with our audience on the open road. Get ready to follow Laura's journey and witness Greens Gone Wild flourish on the highways and byways of brand exploration.

our story             

The Pitch
At Greens Gone Wild, our mission is to redefine on-the-go nutrition for busy individuals and adventure enthusiasts. Infused with a deep love for spinach, our protein bars go beyond convenience, embodying our health, sustainability, and authenticity values. Each bar is a flavorful journey, crafted with real, wholesome ingredients, and packs the power of a full serving of spinach. Greens Gone Wild is not another conventional bar brand. We are a testament to our commitment to nourishing both body and spirit, empowering you to savor every moment, bite after delicious bite.

The Problem
It is estimated that more than 80% of Americans do not meet the recommended weekly minimum intake of 1½ to 2 cups of dark green vegetables.

The Solution
At Greens Gone Wild, we're committed to solving that problem by including a full serving of organic spinach in each of our bars. It's our favorite leafy green. You'll reach 25% of your weekly intake goal by consuming just one bar.

The Market
Our tangible addressable market includes the majority of protein bar consumers. When getting more specific, we target consumers who love real food with minimal ingredients and enjoy their share of dark leafy greens but struggle to find the time to incorporate them into their daily lives.

THE COMPANY             

Greens Gone Wild LLC
501 S Cherry St Ste 1100
Denver, CO 80246

Zach Meier
Co-Founder & Chief Culinary Officer
I grew up in the tiny town of Lander, Wyoming, and I moved to Sundance, another very small and isolated town in Wyoming when I was 13. Fresh, nutritious food was hard to come by in the grocery stores, as everything had to be shipped to our town; nothing was grown locally. Less than a week after I graduated high school, I left Wyoming for Colorado, where I found my true calling: cooking. I attended the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder, Colorado, and earned my diploma in culinary arts. From there, I went on to work in some of the best restaurants in the Denver Metro area, which helped me to build on what I had already learned in culinary school. My work as a prep cook, line cook, sous chef, and an executive pastry chef, led me to Laura and to Greens Gone Wild, where I now serve as chief culinary officer.
Laura Harris
Founder & CEO
Hi! Laura here! I’m a woman in my early 40s who is obsessed with spinach, my dogs, the mountains, and being my own boss. I’m a Virginia native and a Colorado transplant. Several years ago, I moved to Colorado for a major change in scenery and life. The mountains, weather, and the people and their desire for healthy food and an active lifestyle made this the ideal place to put down roots and build a business. There is no other place like Colorado! Over the years, I’ve worked in various fields that have not allowed for breaks, so protein bars became a staple for me. During one of my bartending shifts, I took the first bite of my bar and wished for it to be packed with spinach. But a bar packed with protein and greens simply did not exist. At that moment, I realized my true calling: to create a vegan protein bar with minimal ingredients, no refined or added sugar, and LOTS of spinach, which I will put in just about anything. I became determined to find a way to share my spinach obsession with the masses.


Units of Membership
June 16, 2024
Important Documents
Current Financials
SHORT TERM DEBT $62,000.00
REVENUE & SALES $84,372.00
TAXES PAID $864.00
NET INCOME $5,986.00

This data is provided by Greens Gone Wild LLC. CrowdSprout has not reviewed or audited this data. Please review the submitted Funding Proposal and additional risk disclosures before making an investment.

Financial Projections
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
GROSS SALES $201,000.00 $402,000.00 $804,000.00
COST OF GOODS SOLD $80,000.00 $165,936.00 $340,773.00
GROSS PROFIT $121,000.00 $236,064.00 $463,227.00
EXPENSES $60,000.00 $80,000.00 $100,000.00
NET PROFIT $61,000.00 $156,064.00 $363,227.00

This data is provided by Greens Gone Wild LLC. CrowdSprout never predicts or projects performance, and has not reviewed or audited this financial forecast. Please review the submitted Funding Proposal and additional risk disclosures before making an investment.


We're on TV!
March 11, 2024, 1:33 p.m.
We had the fortunate opportunity to be interviewed by Devin Thorpe on his show, Superpowers for Good.

Click the link below, have a listen, and then email us your Superpower for Good! We'd love to know. :)

Superpower for Good x Greens Gone Wild.
We're IN...the Expo West Retail Access Program!
March 11, 2024, 1:49 p.m.
We received an exciting opportunity to meet with the regional buyer for Whole Foods at Expo West!

Please send us lots of love, luck, encouragement, and financial support! Your help gets us closer to our dream of landing on the shelves of Whole Foods and beyond.

Click the link below to learn more.

Expo West Retail Access Program.
Whole Foods Market + IX-ONE Fees
April 29, 2024, 3:17 p.m.
Whole Foods is happening!! We cannot be more thrilled! But as always, there are many fees involved when entering a large retailer. IX-ONE is the platform used by many large chain retailers like Whole Foods and distributors like UNFI. Please share our campaign with others to help us cover the $1490 upfront cost. This includes the base membership fee and $740 for the four items/SKUs that Whole Foods has accepted. Thank you for your continued love and support throughout this journey!


Can you taste the spinach?

Nope! Our Chief Culinary Officer is such a wiz in the kitchen and know's the right combo of ingredients to sneak in those greens. We know it'll be love at first bite!

What do you use to sweeten you bars?

We use dates and unsweetened dehydrated fruits. There's never any added or refined sugars. Let's give a big thank you to Mother Nature for providing us with natural sweeteners!

How much protein is in each bar?

Both the Salted Chocolate Cherry & Blueberry Coconut bars contain 12g of protein. The Peanut Butter Banana bar contains 9g of protein.

Are these made in a certified gluten free facility?


Do you use organic ingredients?

We're ecstatic to announce that as of 2023, we've switched to organic spinach! We believe it's the most important ingredient to consistently be organic since spinach is always on the Dirty Dozen list. We use other organic ingredients when we are able. For a full list of the organic ingredients in each bar, reach out! Our goal is to use all organic ingredients in the near future. Thank you in advance for helping us make that goal come true!

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