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Food Production

Denver, Colorado

Greens Gone Wild

Greens Gone Wild curates the only plant-based protein bar with ½ cup of spinach in each serving, fewer than 10 ingredients, and no added sugar or preservatives.

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Goal: $200,000

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Thank you for your interest in investing in Greens Gone Wild.

We present for your consideration ‘Super Deals’ investment packages with a value that is a multiple of the investment price. Each Unit of Membership Interests is combined with Perks that include our products, product discounts and a donation to a local charity.

We are seeking to raise a maximum of $200,000. This funding will help us grow our brand and sales while increasing our manufacturing capacity.

As an investor, you not only receive the right to participate in the profits of Greens Gone Wild, but you will also receive cases of Greens Gone Wild protein bars, discounts on future purchases equal to your investment, and sponsor a donation to a local charity.

You are invited to join us in keeping greens healthy, wild, and fun!

Laura Harris, CEO

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